COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) - March 5th, 2020

Olympic Peninsula Sports has been monitoring the current spread of Coronavirus throughout the world, to the US, and into Kitsap County.  The health and welfare of our valued members and guests is always of utmost importance to us.

We do not have all the answers but we will do the best we can to keep people informed of what is going on around us and the mitigation and precautions being taken to keep the center safe for anyone who enters the facility.

It is a possibility that our members and guests, as well as our staff, may come into contact with and/or contract the virus.  It can be spread in multiple ways, including from family members or friends, or with exposure while at work, school, the grocery store, the gas pump, or any number of places you may visit.  We are not raising an alarm but, rather, trying to get out in front of a possibility.

Those at risk for the most severe symptoms of Coronavirus are older adults and/or those with compromised health.  We, at Oly-Pen, have relatively young, active and healthy members.  However, we do have a large number of guests/spectators who may be more susceptible to severe symptoms.  For the health of our community as a whole, precautions need to be taken.  Therefore, we are requesting that any members, guests or staff feeling ill or experiencing flu like symptoms remain home until they are feeling better and not showing signs of illness.

To keep the environment at Oly-Pen as safe as possible, and after reviewing CDC information, we are implementing protocols to help keep any potential virus from spreading and are asking you to assist in the fight.

What we are doing...

  • All surfaces within the facility have been bleach treated. This includes (but is not limited to) all hand railings, doorknobs, and flat surfaces.

  • Guest Services and Cafe Staff will close their stations every hour to perform disinfectant wipe down of these surfaces. Please plan your needs accordingly.

  • All papers, pens, and other disposable items have been removed from surfaces and will be presented upon need/request

  • Automatic hand sanitizers have been ordered and will be placed in high traffic areas when they arrive.

  • Additional pump hand sanitizers have been ordered and will be distributed.

  • Referees will be performing general disinfectant wipe downs of railings around the playing area in between games.

  • Posters are being placed to encourage and remind people to stay home when sick and to thoroughly wash hands (this should go without saying).

  • We have designated a safe place if someone unexpectedly or suddenly becomes ill.

What you can do...

  • Stay home if you are feeling sick in any way.  This includes common colds.


  • While we are all friendly & good sports at Oly-Pen, we are giving you all a pass and requesting that you DO NOT shake hands, "high five", or "fist bump" after games.  As an alternative, simply tell everyone "Good game" or give them an elbow to elbow tap or use a foot to foot tap - after all this is soccer.

  • Keep your eyes open.  If you see someone sick or suddenly in distress, please alert a staff member.

The bottom line is this: Let's continue to play & have fun, but we all need to do our part to keep things under control.

Should anything change within our community or if we receive any communications or direction from local, state, or federal health officials, we will advise you at that time.

Wishing you all the best,

Olympic Peninsula Sports

Additional information & resources may be found on the CDC website:

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