Please take the time to read all the information on rules and procedures below.  


We are aware that there are some questions and some minor issues with the online system, we promise to get to you as soon as we can.  A lot of the information we have been asked about is answered in this document and the previous information posted.


We have been closed for 7 months and we are hiring for all positions.  If you know anyone looking for work please refer them to us.  We truly appreciate your support and patience.  We know that there will be a learning curve for all of us, both staff and customers, and we look forward to working with you to help us provide a safe and fun atmosphere for all.


If you are having trouble accessing your Dash Online Account, we will be able to help you with that shortly.  We will be setting up a call in time for early next week to be able to help and answer questions.


Links and Directions for Adult League Registration is at the bottom of this page.


YOUTH LEAGUE REGISTRATION will be available in the next couple of days and another email will be sent including social media posts at that time.  We are shooting for a start date for youth leagues of November 7th.


Rising Force Academy and Force Development Program will start the weekend of the 24th.  Both of these programs will resume where they left off, however there will be some adjustments to field, and class size to stay within COVID guidelines.  We will offer a prorated option for classes that are not already full for parents that don’t want to wait for the next session.  We expect to have this information to you early next week.


Rule Changes - We are a part of Washington Youth Soccer and Washington State Indoor Sports Association in having consistent rules across all platforms for the purpose of future inter facility competition.  This being the case, our rules will follow the US Indoor Official Rules, except in where our house rules come into play.  A full outline of the house rules will be posted shortly.


Below are some of the most important changes that you need to know about prior to returning to play.


Key Rule Changes to Note


  • Due to the new guidelines from the State, ALL Coed leagues will play with 5 + Keeper

    • 6 total players, 3 female, 3 male including the keeper

      • If you have a female GK, you will have 3 male field players

      • If you have a male GK, you will have 3 female field players

  • Mercy Rule - COVID protocol rule change

    • A team going up by 5 goals must remove one field player until the goal differential is 4 goals. (No additional players will be added to the field)

      • In Coed the player removed must be male regardless of GK gender

  • Free Kick Rule - 

    • A player may not strike the Player Wall on a free kick in the following leagues:

      • Any league level C or below

      • Any Coed League

      • Women’s Over 40

      • Men’s or Women’s Over 50

  • Game Length

    • Game times have been changed to two, 22 ½ minute halves for the following reasons:

      • Allow for players to leave the bench area with social distancing from the incoming teams for the next game

      • Allows Staff to disinfect the bench area prior to incoming teams entering the field of play


League Information


  • League Alignment and Additions

    • We have realigned some of the leagues across the week

      • Monday - Men’s C and Men’s B

      • Tuesday - Ladies Night! - Women’s C and Women’s B

      • Wednesday - Men’s B and Men’s A

        • Men’s B Wednesday is a separate league from Monday (you won’t play on both days unless you are on a separate team on each day)

      • Thursday - Men’s Over 40, Women’s Over 40 and Women’s B

        • Women’s B Thursday is a separate league from Tuesday  (you won’t play on both days unless you are on a separate team on each day)

      • Friday - Coed Over 30, Coed Over 40

      • Sunday - Coed B and Coed C

    • These changes mean that no matter your gender or age you have at least 3 leagues you can participate in across the week!

    • Nights with B & C levels or A & B levels will have teams adjusted each session

      • For Example: If your team is in C, and you win every game and half of them by more than 5 goals, you will likely get moved to B

      • If you register for B and get smooshed a bit, you may get moved to C

    • Players that are considered B or higher, may not play C level.  We will remove players from a level if they can’t compete at the appropriate level.

    • C level players are welcome to challenge themselves at higher levels

  • League Fees MUST be paid in full prior to the first game

    • We are no longer giving a discount to be paid in full by the first game, it is a requirement to play.

    • Discounts on team fees/player fees may be considered in the future.

  • Game Start Times have been adjusted so as to minimize contact between teams and players before and after games

    • Field 1 will always kick off on the hour

    • Field 2 will always kick off at ¼ after the hour

    • Field 3 will always kick off at the ½ hour

  • Entering and Exiting the field

    • Timing between games

      • Referee will set the clock for 7 minutes after the final buzzer

        • Teams will exit promptly

        • Referee will disinfect bench area and boards

        • Referee will signal next teams to field after the 7 minutes

        • Clock will start on time, Don’t be late

    • Field 1

      • Players leaving the field will follow signs and exit up the stairs in the announcer’s corner

      • Players will enter field 1 through the glass door AFTER the referee has cleared the teams to do so

    • Field 2

      • Players will leave the field and exit up the main stair

      • Players waiting to enter field 2 will do so on the fan deck and will enter when the referee clears you for entrance

    • Field 3

      • Teams playing on field 3 will exit up the East Stair

      • Teams waiting to enter field 3 will do so at the far end of the space between field 2 and 3




  • Disinfecting

    • Staff will disinfect all public surfaces every hour

    • Staff will disinfect bench areas between every game

      • Players are required to leave the bench area immediately after their game

      • Players entering the field for their game may not do so until waved onto the field by the referee

    • Table Cards will be on every table

      • When leaving a table, please flip the card over so staff knows to disinfect the table and to notify other customers that the table has been used

  • Masks

    • Masks must be worn at all times unless:

      • Playing or training on the field

        • Please do not remove your mask until you are in the bench area or on the field

        • Please reapply your mask before leaving the field or bench area

      • Actively eating or drinking at a mezzanine table

        • Absolutely no food or drink will be allowed downstairs or on any bleachers

        • Drinks will be allowed in the player bench area (water, gatorade, etc)

  • Fans

    • Floor fans have been removed from the field areas as they can’t be used due to COVID guidelines as they can spread moisture droplets

    • Facility circulation fans are required to be on at all times during facility use

      • Please note, this may make it cooler than you are accustomed to in the facility, please bring warm clothes

  • Self Cleaning

    • Please help everyone by washing your hands after you play or use the restroom

      • There are also Hand Sanitizing stations in strategic locations for your convenience

        • Wall by main entrance

        • Next to the Cafe Exit Door

        • At the bottom of the main Stairway

        • On the wall between the Party room and Field 3

        • We will also be adding Hand Sanitizer to bench areas, Cafe Counter and Guest Services Desk

  • Spectators

    • Spectators are not allowed for adult leagues

      • If you need to bring your kids with you in order to play that is fine

        • They must be contained to a single location

        • They can’t be running around the facility or you will be asked not to bring them

        • We understand that this will be difficult but we can’t risk the possibility of the facility being closed due to kids running wild throughout

    • Youth games/trainings are limited to one Spectator per player (under 18/youth)


All Rules and Procedures are subject to change with little notice as we determine the best processes to follow the COVID Guidelines issued by the State.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate through the changes required for us all to stay safe but still get our soccer fix.


For Adult League Registration:

  • For Team Managers

    • Click on “Pay Here” button on the top of the website at

    • Log in to your account

      • If you haven’t done this yet, you will need to enter your email and reset your password first

    • Click on Registration

    • Click on who you are registering, the program and then create a team

    • Then select the league you would like to participate in

    • When you are finished creating your team, you can send email invites to team members or tell your team members that the team is registered and they can go in and find it.

  • For Players with a Team

    • You can join your team without an invite by selecting “Join a Team”

    • Use the search to find the league your team is in

    • Click “Join”, this will send a request for you to join your team to the manager

    • Once accepted you can go in and pay your league fee

  • For Players without a Team

    • Click to Join a Team

    • You can either send a request to a team asking to join them or,

    • Register for a house team in the league you wish to play in

    • In the event that you get picked up with another team, we can transfer you off the house team and over to that team prior to the start of the session

We promise to do everything in our ability to make sure everyone has a place to play!