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Due to small turnout for the free classes, they are canceled.

Need help with registration?  We can help you get registered for the next session.
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Welcome to Rising Force Academy!

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Registration Open for Classes Starting 11.13.21


Earth Class (18-36 Months)

The Earth Class is a parent participation, foundation class.

This class is designed to help with balance, colors, coordination, movement and direction.

The goal is to help your little "Earther" explore how their body can

move and how they can learn to control it.

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Wind Class (3-4 Years)

The Water Class will continue to work toward developing

 balance, coordination, movement and direction through

a more soccer dedicated introduction to the sport.

The goal is to help your little Whirl Winds continue to explore how

their body can move and how they can learn to control it but also

how they can use it to control a soccer ball.


Water Class (5-6 Years) & Tsunami Class

The Water Class will get into the foundation of skills specific to 

playing soccer and improving as a player and teammate.

Shinguards are now required as players will play small sided games

against classmates in an effort to apply what they have learned.

Tsunami classes are advanced classes that requires

approval for registration.


Fire Class (7-8 Years) & Inferno Class

The Fire Class will help to put the finishing touches on those basics

that are the foundation to getting the most out of soccer.

The goal of our program is that when kids leave the Fire class, they

are ready for the Force Development Program, where they can

set the limits of their own abilities as high as they dare to achieve.

The Inferno Class is an advanced class that requires approval.

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