Dear OlyPen Family,

We have great news to share!  New guidance related to sporting/athletic activities during COVID-19 was released yesterday by the Governor’s office.  The new guidance allows Olympic Peninsula Sports (“OPS”) to reopen and restart league play!  We are targeting Friday, October 16th as our first night of league play!

Here is some vital information you will need moving forward for a Safe Start:

Approved Document from the Governor’s Office:  Under the Governor’s new guidance, soccer is categorized as a “Moderate risk sport” and Kitsap County’s current “County COVID-19 Activity Level” rating (36.7) is Moderate.  The combination of these two items allow us to resume league play as long as we follow the rules contained in the guidance and remain within or better than our county’s current combined rating.    


The following are details about the procedures, business decisions, and safety protocols of your center reopening:



  • We have decided to restart all leagues, both youth and adult, as new sessions. 

  • This decision was made because there is no way for us to anticipate which teams and/or players are prepared to immediately return. 

  • Any players/teams that were paid in full and had games remaining on their schedule prior to the shutdown will have an OPS credit applied to their account.  These credits will be input into the system prior to your first game.

  • Team managers are encouraged to reconnect with your team, assess returning players, and then login to our new Dash system to sign up for a new session. We anticipate the leagues to be posted and open for registration within the next 48 hours. 

  • If you do not have enough players to form a team or you do not have a team to play with, please email us at or post to the OPS Bulletin Board on Facebook and we will work to form teams for the specific leagues.


  • Please visit for information about our league availability and start dates.



  • All Rising Force Academy (“RFA”) and Force Development Program (“FDP”) classes will resume at the point that they left off. 

  • We are working on maximizing space and minimizing numbers in an effort to ensure safety for all kids and trainers.  

  • RFA and FDP enrolled players/parents will receive emails outlining when classes will restart, what times they will be held, and procedures to follow for a safe restart of these programs.

  • If you are not currently enrolled in one of these programs, but would like to, please email our RFA Director, K-Lee at or our FDP Director, Dax at or check the website for available sessions.


  • Due to increases in insurance premiums for the building and occupants, our annual membership fees are increasing slightly.

  • A standard adult membership fee will be $35.00 and youth will be $25.00 effective upon your next renewal date.

  • We have added supplemental insurance coverage to our insurance policy for our members, which is the primary reason for the price increase.

  • All expired memberships will need to be renewed prior to play/participation at Oly-Pen Sports.  This includes membership that expired during the shutdown*.

* We were hoping to find a way to extend the memberships, however, the length of time and the ongoing cost of the insurance for players was required to be paid throughout the 7 months of closure. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


  • DO NOT show up to play if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness.  Players that do so, may have their membership revoked, and suspension administered.

  • Face coverings are REQUIRED in all areas of the facility unless playing, eating, or drinking.

  • Before and after playing, wash hands or use one of our hand sanitizing stations located at several places around the facility.

  • No spectators are allowed for Adult Leagues.  Youth Leagues may have one parent per child;  spectators must wear masks and maintain social distancing at all times.

  • We have put up plexi-glass protection at our Guest Services and Café counters for everyone’s safety.

  • Game times and lengths will be adjusted slightly to optimize time between games for cleaning and to minimize contact between groups of players on teams not playing against each other.

  • There will be protocols for entrance and exit onto the fields, please follow them.

  • The Café will run a limited menu for the near future.  You are welcome to stay and grab a snack or drink after your game but please continue to observe current COVID-19 guidelines (i.e. wear a mask, wash hands, social distance, no groups larger than 5 to a table).

  • Surfaces will be disinfected each hour by staff.  Player bench areas will be disinfected between games.

  • The facility will be disinfected at the end of each day of business.

There will be additional information sent out over the next 7-10 days as we prepare to safely reopen your facility.  Please read all the information as it will be critical to ensuring that we are able to open, and stay open, for your enjoyment moving forward.  We are also updating all of our websites, systems and processes and we really appreciate everyone’s patience in waiting for this day.  Please, if you do not intend to follow these guidelines, do not return at this time.  We understand that people will have differences of opinion regarding the necessity of COVID-19 guidelines, however, please leave those opinions at the door. We are required to follow and are adhering to Washington state guidelines in order to reopen this facility safely for all of our members - we will have zero tolerance for anyone putting the center at risk for being closed again.  


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Bill Wright                         Micah McMonagle              OlyPen Staff
Managing Partner            General Manager

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